Business Consultation

Dani Design will dedicate enough time over the phone or chat to listen to your graphic design needs and suggest an action plan! And of course, it is a great idea we to arrange a meeting to discuss some ideas! We offer a FREE consultation by Skype, Zoom, Email, or

Gift Cards and Vouchers Design

Gift Cards! Gift cards are credit card-sized plastic cards that have a stored value of money preloaded onto them. There are two main types of gift cards. Single branded gift cards can be spent on only one chain of stores. And multi retail gift cards can be spent in multiple

Branding Design

What is Branding Design? You looking to update your brand identity, Dani Design have the passion to guide you through the process and deliver everything you need to and with the highest quality. Branding design describes how a brand chooses to visually represent their brand identity to the public. When

Business cards

Business cards Business cards and invitations should be attractive and memorable, attracting attention and leaving a trace of everyone’s mind. They always carry the hidden advertising message of your business. Their design is made from distinctive nuances and elements combined with the logo and corporate colors. When it comes to

Banner Design

What about our Design – internet advertisement!? We strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. The perfect design is born of those two things. Simplicity and clarity Sometimes people often forget that these two words are the only principles we need to do a good job in design