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You Want It, We Design It!

Dani Design is a creative designer who does logos, flyers, banners, SEO, and experiences for the web.

They create an awesome website for your business, that transforms brands and grows businesses. Dani Design’s creative team has a passion for design.



Dani Design Create Awesome Stuff

Dani Design is Creative Team located in London, United Kingdom.

They are here to help you lift your brand to a new level – through Web Design, Graphic Design, and advertising – logo design, SEO, business card design, flyer design, card design, and banner design.

Be welcome!

Web Development
Website developer Dani Design

UK-based Dani Design is a professional Web development agency.

They place pride in them their customer service as Dani Design aim to deliver the best service around.

Dani Design’s web designers will work with you to ensure that your website reflects your business’s brand and style. They will help you choose the right colours, fonts, images and layout to give your site an attractive appearance.

Website Support
Support for website design

Dani Design will make you a website that is tailored to your personal or business needs.

The website is your face and it will help you present your business well. Dani Design’s valuable asset is you – their clients!

So Dani Design do our best to get what you need!

Whether you need a new website, a redesign or just some minor tweaks, they’ll make sure your site looks professional and user-friendly. Dani Design also provides ongoing support and maintenance so your site remains up-to-date and secure.

Free Consultation
Free Consultation Dani Design

Dani Design offers a FREE consultation via Skype, Zoom, Email, or Facebook.

They will dedicate enough time over the phone or chat to listen to your graphic design needs and suggest an action plan!

During this discussion, Dani Design will get to grips with the needs and desires of you and your company. Dani Design suggests approaches, some ideas, and action plans. Further meetings can be arranged if needed.

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What People Are Saying About Dani Design

Dani Design’s wish is to make sure your business is a success, and they love to hear all types of feedback to ensure Dani Design continually improves and is never complacent. Here are just a few comments on the feedback Dani Design has received from their happy clients.

Krasimir Iliev

K-Stage Ltd

I’d like to say a big thanks to Dani Design for the great work and friendly service! I’ve used their service now for second time and definitely will used again and will recommend Dani Design to all customers who are looking for quick and reliable solutions for their needs! Reasonable prices and quality all in one.
THANKS Dani Design

Poly Nikolova

Polly’N – Consultative – Diagnostic Center for Holistic Therapies

I wholeheartedly recommend Dani Design. I always trust her for business cards, and flyers, she also designed my website, and I assure you, I am a demanding customer. Dani always manages to capture exactly what I want and knows what I would like, which really speaks to her professionalism. Trust her!
And see for yourself!

Car Log LTD

Car Log LTD

I contacted Dani Design as I wanted to do my logo for my mobile app. They did a great job. During the process, they always show great enthusiasm and a gr commitment, and I am very pleased with the end result! Dani Design did a fantastic job – both on design and client communication. Thank you!

Yana Tasheva

Dayana Immigration Services

I am very happy to meet and work with Dani Design! Dani create my company logo, company web page and SEO. She is a great professional, works fast and answers all my inquiries and question in a timely manner!
One more time Thank you very much Dani for all your effort and great work! For sure will continue to work together in the future.

Don’t just take it from Dani Design,
their customers do the talking!

Krasimira Nikolova

TSK Gas Services

Thank you Dani Design for the quick and professional service in designing a company logo. Will definitely recommend to anyone who wants to have a personal touch in their products .

The Fairy Ironing

The Fairy Ironing Services – Ironing Services

I am very happy to recommend Dani Design. They made my logo and a great flyer. Friendly, fast and professional. Brilliant communication.

AnnG Nails

AnnG Nails

We have used Dani Design to develop our new website. We are satisfied with the service we have received. Our website is modern, fast and reliable. Dani Design is a professional and reliable web developer. They created our logo too! We are using their services now to promote our website via banners. Well Done!

Veliyana Nikolova

Veli’s Cleaning

Great job! I really recommend the services!

How Dani Design Work

Dani Design – Web Development and Graphic Design Consultants in the UK.

They are a dynamic team of creative people for Web & Graphic Design.
Dani Design loves what they do and it shows in the work they produce.


Dani Design will handle every step of unique graphic design and web development for your brand.

You Want It, We Design It!


Dani Design is a team of skilled designers, developers, and IT specialists who combine their knowledge and experience to provide outstanding designs and strategies that are suited to the needs and specifications of your company.


Tell Dani Design what you want to do, and they’ll show you how to accomplish it. Any idea you have, Dani Design would be thrilled to get involved and give you advice.


You can rely on Dani Design to understand your target because they have years of expertise dealing with many types of businesses.

Who is Dani Design

Creative & Professional!

Dani founded Dani Design in 2016. Based in the UK, Dani Design has worked with clients from individuals to startups.
Dani Design is a professional Graphic Design and Web development agency. A passion for design and creativity is their drive and you can see it on this site. You are able to easily book hours when needed, with no retainer fees.

Dani Design Statement
As creative designers, we will take on any project and deliver professional results to our clients that will stand up against the competition. Communication for us is absolutely vital in achieving this.


Dani Design is Here For You

Ask any Graphic Designer over the world about his preferred approach! For example – setting a type, choosing a colour, or beginning a new layout.
And you will rarely get exactly the same answer twice.

Every creative Graphic Designer has his own individual approach. More importantly, is own combinations of the thousands of techniques one can apply when planning a new design project.

Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude.


Website and Redesign

Dani Design is a Web & Graphic Designer who will make you a website tailored to your personal or business needs.

The website is your face and Dani Design will help you present your business well. Dani Design’s valuable asset is you – their clients!

So they do their best to get what you need.


Seo optimization is very important for your website!

SEO is a set of techniques directed towards improving your website and visibility on the search engine’s results page in a particular place.

The main goal of SEO is to attract a relevant audience to the website and convert visitors into customers.


Simplicity and clarity

The perfect design is born of those two things and Dani Design strives for two things in design.

People often forget that these two words are the principles we need to do a good job in design and advertising. More easily when the message is simple and clear.

Simplicity and clarity apply to banner ad design. So, Dani Design keeps them in mind when they start working on their banners.


Dani Design will design beautiful flyers for your business.

Flyers have long been considered a great way to reach potential customers and get your message out there to the general public.

But in order to work effectively, flyers need to be able to attract the right audience and catch their attention.

Business Cards

Dani Design is a designer of business cards that would make your company stand out.

Dani Design is dedicated to creating unique and customized business cards to match your company branding.

They can design full–colour business cards, single or double-sided and provide you with complete print-ready files for you to take to a local printing company.


Logo Design

Dani Design will design unique and memorable logos that communicate the correct brand message and attract the desired target market.

Logo and brand identity design is an integral part of any successful business.
And, when done correctly it will make a business more profitable.

Gift and Voucher cards Design

Gift Cards

Gift cards are credit card-sized plastic cards that have a stored value of money preloaded onto them. There are two main types of gift cards.

Single-branded gift cards can be spent on only one chain of stores. And multi retail gift cards can be spent in multiple participating stores.

Invitation cards

What are Greeting and invitation cards?

Greeting cards and invitations are single-sheet. They are materials in standard or non-standard form and size. Also, they are enclosed in a postal envelope.

The cards are used for greetings on corporate, personal, or national holidays. And invitations are the official means of making a suggestion to someone to attend an event.

Dani Design Are DesignersProgrammersCreativeDynamicDani Design Is Innovative

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Dani Design

Dani Design focuses on your needs first when creating your projects. Doing so they will guarantee that you give what you need.
Dani Design’s creative design agency provides excellent branding solutions for clients with our compelling and interactive graphic design expertise.

Get in touch with Dani Design web and graphic design firm, share your ideas and shine your business!



The Brief

Communication with clients is very important to Dani Design. They want to know what you need exactly. As well as details about your business, the target audience, the specifications, and f other information.
For Dani Design, this first step will usually be delivered by setting up an appointment with a client.

Dani Design thinks through each possibility and finds a decision, that fits your need.

Market Research

After Dani Design has received the brief and knows what the client needs the clients, they embark on some market research. This step involves gathering as much information as possible to help design their project. This means the direction the design is going to take and all future decisions relating to the project.

This information is about the client themselves, what they do, their past designs, etc. It could be the client’s competitor brands and their designs. Market Research is essential for Dani Design to gauge what the design should or should not look like.


In design terms, brainstorming is the first step towards deciding how Dani Design are going to tackle the client’s brief. This means deciding what Dani Design are actually going to design for the client. Brainstorming involves how they want to do it and spontaneously coming up with ideas of how to creatively solve the problem given to Dani Design by the client.

Dani Design does this with a team. This is beneficial for them as the more they are, the more ideas Dani Design can come up with.


Thumbnailing is where design actually starts to look like design. Once Dani Design has sorted through its ideas, thumbnailing can be used to show what these ideas might actually look like. Using the essential tools of a designer, a pen and notebook, Dani Design quickly sketches out all the separate elements of what will make up their design—the images, the margins, and the body copy.

Concept Development

Now, Dani Design chooses what is going to work best to fulfil the client’s wishes. They whittle our choices down to one standout concept. Based on Dani Design’s initial research and idea generation, their final concept should successfully communicate what a client’s brief asked for. It should also differentiate from what else already exists in the market. The concept should be unique, memorable, personal to the client and appropriate for the target audience.

Visual Exploration

It’s time for Dani Design to start designing. This is the step when a design actually begins to look like what you might eventually present to the client.

Dani Design building up your design from their chosen concept and what they developed in their thumbnails.

Dani Design use whatever software and tools that are appropriate to the project. These is the Adobe Creative Cloud programs, InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator.Their team find the best way to turn your ideas into an actual design.

Client Approval

This is the final part of the design process—the initial presentation of what Dani Design have designed to the client. In a video call or in person, they present to the client what was created whilst explaining why they have created it.

They’ll go back over the other steps, explaining the decisions they made at each stage so that the client can understand Dani’s Design choices and why the design looks like it does.

Final Delivery

The design is done. Dani Design makes everything up so it can be sent over to the client. Though, there are certain final specifications for all sorts of designs. If the client has an in-house design team, then they’ll send over your working files. So you are able to access them and use them for whatever you have planned. If not, Dani Design will be sending the designs over as packaged PDFs.

Once Dani Design’s design is approved and produced, they are finally happy. The design process is over and the project is complete.

These are eight seemingly simple steps that makeup what Dani Design regards as the graphic design process. These are the basic steps involved in any design project they will work on in their professional career and should also be adhered to if you want to create a successful personal, passion project too. Of course, sometimes may be more steps than this in some projects and some may be more complex than others. Dani Design just wants to offer a basic outline of how they tackle a design brief.

Dani Design Numbers

Some of The Cool Facts About Dani Design


Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude.


Dani Design Main Skills

Being a web and graphic designer involves harmoniously combining visuals and content. Collaboration and communication in our team, are also important.

Dani Design knows the principles of design.
They has an innate artistic ability and are able to build a design that’s clear and unique. Excellence knowledge of typography, composition and colour theory. Good designers know the difference between type styles and where to use them.

Software for design

Adobe Illustrator, XD, Photoshop, and Figma are a few design software programs with which Dani Design are familiar. They have a grasp of photo-editing basics and the ability to tweak vector-based graphics. That is very important when you need to design a logo for your client.

And, as Dani Design develop their web design skills, animation software After Effects are perfect tools to add motion to their work.

Dani Design is not a business expert, but they know how their design will help a client’s goals.

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