Logo Design

The logo is a company’s name. It is a basic element of the corporate style.

For example, the logo is an original drawing or image of the name and activity of a company, a product, or a service mark.

The logo design can be created from a graphic image, a font, or both.

Why do I need a LOGO DESIGN?

Each logo design serves to identify and validate the company in the relevant field.
Your logo promotes your activity, creates the first impression in your customers, and earns their trust.

How does Dani Design create your LOGO DESIGN?

Dani Design takes into consideration the client’s color аnd preferences, the field of activity, the text and graphic symbols typical for the respective branch, of course.

The logo should be easy to recognize and remember from customers.
It also has to be easily reproduced on various promotional materials. For example corporate pens, business cards, or billboards.

For these reasons, it is advisable to use fewer colors and symbols in a simpler form. That is an important factor in determining the optimum price. As well as and maintaining high quality in all your advertising materials.

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Logo Design